22 Ideabooks by Justine Hand

Guest Picks: Harvest Hostess Gifts
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Don't get me wrong, I would never eschew a traditional hostess gift of wine or flowers, but sometimes it's nice to mix it up a bit. Try something that's a more original note of thanks that can be used again and again and is small enough to not break the...
Guest Picks: Sporty Summer Fun for the Design Enthusiast
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Summer days may be on their last legs, but there is still plenty of time to get out there and get active with summer sports. These days, design enthusiasts can enjoy a little extra fun in the sun with sporting goods and games that are stylish. These are...
Guest Picks: How Do You Spell Urban Heat Relief?
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In the city, where any amount of outdoor space is considered a precious commodity, urbanites will go to great lengths to carve out a little real green in the concrete jungle. Fortunately, with the right stuff even the smallest lanai can become a refreshing...
Guest Picks: Subtle Beach Style: Fresh Accents for the Summer Home
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As a native Cape Codder, my beach cottage is the place that feels the most like home. It's so light and breezy, so diminutive in scale that it's both airy and cozy at the same time. I work hard to avoid too many overt and cliché nautical or beachy references...
Guest Picks: Tools and Accessories for Inspired Spring Cleaning
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Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your cleaning closet, as well as the rest of your home. Though I'll probably never have one of those immaculate utility rooms that raises cleaning to an art, I don't see why I can't indulge in a few special accoutrements...
Guest Picks: Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Spring!
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In the olden days, the advent of spring meant literally whitewashing all of winter's smoky soot off the walls. Today (fortunately), spring cleaning means more of a freshening up of your design scheme. So shake off the winter's somber gray, and breathe...
Guest Picks: Conjure Cabin Style That's City Chic
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Synonymous with snow is a cozy winter cabin equipped with all the essentials: a snug hearth, woolen blankets, hot drinks and lively games. But just because cabin decor is hearty doesn't mean that it needs to be heavy. Here are some fresh picks for the...
Guest Picks: Adorn Kids' Rooms With Adaptable Animal Art
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Designing my children's nursery gave me a license to indulge in a little bit of playfulness, especially when it came to fuzzy fauna. I didn't want to overdo the cute and cuddly, so rather than overwhelm with saccharine animal motifs, I invested in a more...
Guest Picks: Relaxing Holiday Gift Wrapping
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After the (let's call it what it is) stress of buying holiday gifts, I actually look forward to the time when I can sit down and wrap them. With beautiful paper in hand, I tape and bind with lovely ribbon or twine. Taking my time, I relax into the task....
Guest Picks: Nature-Loving Holiday Decor
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Christmas does not always mean relentless red and evergreen to me. Sometimes I like to celebrate the season with decor that reflects winter for what it truly is: a time when Mother Nature, deep in slumber and tucked under a blanket of snow, takes on a...
Guest Picks: Harvest Time
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Autumn is here. It's nature's last hurrah before the frost. Though pumpkins and scarecrows are fun, some may seek to celebrate nature's bounty in more subtle ways. To those, I offer this harvest of goods for the table and home. Earthy and elemental, they...
Guest Picks: Desk Accessories for Creative Types
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Summer is over, and for many that means returning to school and work. But just because you're stuck behind a desk most days doesn't mean that your office needs to be routine. Whimsical yet practical accessories that remind you of the olden days or the...
Guest Picks: Fresh Summer Bedding
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To me, nothing beats those cooler summer nights when there's just enough breeze to warrant a lightweight quilt. Snuggling down under a cool cotton blanket or crisp linen sheets is the best denouement of a day of fun in the sun. — Justine from...
Guest Picks: Ring in Summer With Rattan
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With its breezy open weave and softly undulating curves, natural rattan is the perfect material for summer. But a little goes a long way, and too much becomes cliched. One or two standout pieces in this material (or one of its close cousins) is all you...
Guest Picks: Hot for Summer
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Nothing says summer like zesty citrus and cool aqua hues. Here are the hottest picks for those long dog days, both inside and out. — Justine from Design Skool
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