20 Ideabooks by Kelly Donovan

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Guest Picks: Lighting Drama
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Often left as an afterthought, lighting is one of the most dramatic elements of a room. It can singularly make or break the atmosphere of a space — creating drama and intrigue at best, killing the mood at worst. Here are a few options that are sure...
Guest Picks: Kitchen Changeup
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I'm in the process of remodeling my kitchen and am thoroughly enjoying sourcing fixtures and accessories. Textiles add tremendous personality and warmth to a space, and as the kitchen is often filled with hard surfaces like stone, wood and metal, a little...
Guest Picks: Vases
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With summer in full bloom, I can't resist cutting a few stems and bringing them in to brighten up my home. And with so many vessels to choose from, there's no need to restrain yourself! I've held my stems in everything from simple mason jars to special...
Guest Picks: Summer Entertaining
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Summertime is the perfect season to entertain outdoors. Balmy nights with the occasional crisp breeze are always conducive to some great barbecue and festive drinks. So far this summer, I've found myself ill-equipped to handle an alfresco soiree, and...
Guest Picks: Color Is King This Summer
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Without fail, as soon as the temperature begins to rise, so does my penchant for color. I love just adding a few bold, saturated pieces to a room for an instant breath of fresh air and summertime touch. There are very few rules when it comes to color...
Guest Picks: Little Kid, Big Style
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In designing my daughters' combined nursery and "big girl" room, I sought out products that carried my own aesthetic in the rest of the house into their space as well, creating a magical sanctuary of serenity and sweetness. Granted, they're not yet old...
Guest Picks: Whimsy and Charm
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In the dark days of winter, when Mercury has dropped and the sky is dreary, who wouldn't want a peek of whimsy warming up the home? A conservative by nature, even I find myself magnetically drawn to bright and happy hues, playful...
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