26 Ideabooks by Lauren Donaldson

This Modern DIY Candelabra Is the Envy of the Block
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Modern style is characterized by simple and clean lines — an inherent minimalism that can be represented in a home’s floor plan, in the furniture and even in the smallest of details. A modern home is never heavy with decoration; its beauty...
DIY: Create a Custom-Stamped Curtain
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For those who are creatively inclined, it can be a challenge to find the right fabric at the crafts store. If you like the DIY route, though, it's easy to make your own. With a simple stamp...
Discover the DIY Secret Weapon of Decoupage Glue
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If you're a crafter, it is important to stock your creative space with basics: scissors, rulers, paper, pencils. Decoupage glue should be on that list of materials as well,...
Utility Fabrics That Go the DIY Distance
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Linen, muslin, drop cloth and duck fabric are all inexpensive and versatile options that can help you revamp a space. Since these fabrics are usually neutral in color, are durable and can be found at many fabric, craft and hardware stores, they're great...
Guest Picks: Soothing, Refreshing Mint
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There is something so soothing about mint. I noticed this the other day as I enjoyed a summertime cone of mint chip ice cream. As a flavor, mint is known for that refreshing taste, and as a color, it embodies much of the same sentiment. Make that cool...
Surprise Contender: Burlap for Accessories
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Burlap is one of the most popular utility fabrics and a great material to have in your arsenal for home projects. It is durable, versatile and surprisingly strong even though it has a very loose weave. The textural quality of burlap can complement...
Make a Fashion-Forward Ombré Tablecloth
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Ombré, big in fashion, can also be infused into your home decor. And when you apply the gradient effect to your favorite pieces yourself, you have control over the result, making it bold and bright or more subtle to suit your...
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