334 Ideabooks by Lisa Frederick

Sweater Chic Warms Up Fall Interiors
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Sweater season came early to Alabama this year. Most of the time, our September is basically August 2.0: bright, muggy and oppressively hot. This fall, though, we're being treated to a preview of crisp, cool weather, which usually doesn't hit until Halloween....
Displaying Kitchen Supplies — Hot or Not?
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Early in my magazine editing days, I read an interview with a local designer that I've never forgotten. Asked about the latest kitchen trends, the designer insisted that homeowners had moved beyond such outdated practices as storing canisters and utensil...
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Ginkgo Motifs Grow on Rooms
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Ginkgo trees, with their graceful, fan-shaped leaves, trumpet their presence in the landscape in fall. They take on a brilliant golden hue that blazes against...
Humble Ticking Stripes Make Decor Proud
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Ticking is the graphic equivalent of a grilled cheese sandwich: humble, comfortable and always satisfying. Like gingham and toile,...
Kitchen Countertops 101: Choosing a Surface Material
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Whether you're remodeling a kitchen, building one from scratch or just ready to give yours a face-lift, countertops are a central part of the look....
How to Keep the Sparkle in Your Mirrored Furniture
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Mirrored furniture gives a space irresistible sass, sophistication and high-wattage shine. But those visual fireworks come with a tradeoff: If you don't stay on top of care and maintenance, mirrored pieces will go from glam to grimy before you know it....
Upgrade Your Front Entry the Budget-Friendly Way
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Although the outside front entry is one of the most important spots in a home to keep in tip-top shape, it also tends to be one of the most neglected. Many of us don't even use the front door on a regular basis. If you're like me, you head inside straight...
Color Breezes Into Cottage Style
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The last time I wrote a piece on cottage style, I emphasized the importance of keeping the colors light and airy in order to stay true to the aesthetic. And while that...
How to Work With a Childproofer
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As anyone who's spent time with tots can tell you, kids have a way of courting disaster, especially around their own homes. They're curious, they're on the go, and if there's a danger — from inadequate stair...
Short Café Curtains Are Long on Style
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You don't often see café curtains in interiors these days, but they used to be everywhere — or at least that's how it seemed when I was a kid. Fortunately, they appear to be inching back on the radar. Lately I've spotted café curtains in the most...
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