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Preview: The Shops at Target Take a New Approach
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I've heard some war stories of shoppers who have braved the opening day of Target's popular designer collaborations. (Dare I bring up the mayhem Missoni...
On Trend: Wood Tiles
6 photos
If you had to guess the oldest material known to man, wood would likely come to mind. Think chimpanzees using twigs to suck up termites — this stuff has been put to use by those of us with opposable thumbs for ages. As such, it's hard to think...
On Trend: Smart Solutions for Cords
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The cords in my house seem to propagate overnight, with their tangly tentacles peeking out from under my bed, peering around my desk and almost enveloping my television stand. Rather than attempting to beat them back with a broom, I checked in on the...
On Trend: Wireless Lounging
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Are you currently reading this from the desk in your home office? Or are you more likely to browse the Web from a more comfortable perch? As the use of Wi-Fi devices has skyrocketed, our likelihood of booting up the ol' desktop computer to surf the Web...
Iconic Indoor Furniture Moves Outside
3 photos
If the thought of moving an LC3 armchair outside gives you the cold sweats, take heart; Design Within Reach's new outdoor pieces might look like they...
Product Picks: Safety Choices Show Fearless Style
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This year's New York International Gift Fair hosted the unveiling of plenty of amazing new products, but the one that's got the most people, um, chirping, might very well be the Chick-a-Dee Smoke Detector. Not only...
On Trend: A Continuous Lean
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Straight-laced and staid? No way. The newest trend popping up in products is all about the lean. Forget the 90-degree angle for furniture design and focus instead on the up-and-coming 45- or over 120-degree slants instead. Here's how:
Notable Links: 5 Decorating Ideas We're Liking Now
5 photos
This week we're clicking on two small space transformations with big impact, a roundup of budget-friendly decorating finds, a unique idea for a collection and a sneak peek at a new line of graphic porcelain pieces.
Notable Links: 10 Ideas We're Liking Now
3 photos
From a color-rich hotel to incredible wallpaper out of Paris, take a look at the decorating and design ideas that have been inspiring us around the web. • Hotel color: The Pantone...
On Trend: Painterly Florals
7 photos
If you're in need of a pre-spring pick-me-up, you shouldn't have to look much further than your closest interior design store. Floral prints are making their way back to all areas of the home, climbing the walls in wallpaper designs and landing underfoot...
50 Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts in Style
50 photos
Judging by the number of gift-wrapping stations on Houzz, it's not hard to believe that the exterior of the gift is just as important to some people as what's inside. This holiday, go the extra mile (or at least make it look like you have) and make your...
To Covet: Jewelry for Your Teacup
one photo
While I have enough trouble justifying "fancy" tea over $6 a box, I still can't help but covet this ethereal tea strainer. Turning an everyday item into something beautiful is what good design is all about, right?
Idea of the Week: Sailing Hardware in the Home
2 photos
The draw of life on the shore is at its peak in the hot summer, when a dip into cool blue waters is on everyone's minds. It's the season of impromptu escapes to the coast and weekends spent at the lake — preferably on a boat with the wind whipping through...
Product Picks: That French Je Ne Sais Quoi
10 photos
When it comes to style, the French just get it. It may be a scarf tied just so or a shirt carefully half-tucked — it's seemingly effortless but too well put together to truly be so. Meanwhile, I'm lucky to leave the house with my shoes properly tied....
Splurge of the Week: The Kamado Grill
2 photos
As we head into a long weekend, the siren song ringing through my head right now is the call of the grill, which, in my house, will see its inaugural light of the season this weekend. Charcoal or gas, I'm not too particular, just give me a flame and a...
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