19 Ideabooks by Kris Cain

Storage Solutions for a Kid's Room
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My boys are now 7. They have accumulated quite a bit of stuff. I am looking for fun, functional storage solutions to house all of their toys. Things from loft beds to bunk bed, captain's beds and everything in between can make their room more functional...
Guest Picks: Unique Home Lighting Solutions
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Lighting is very important in a home. We all need to see where we are going. We need to see to cook. We need to see to read. As long as we have to have lights, why not make them beautiful accent pieces? These 20 fixtures will wow you and your guests....
Guest Picks: Modern Winter Wonderland
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When it comes to holiday decorating, my kids and I usually disagree on how our home should look. I love a more modern, tamer color scheme with lighter tones, white and pastel colors. All of the lights on my trees and around my home are white. On the other...
Guest Picks: Fall-Inspired Home Decor
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The leaves are changing outside and I love the colors. I want to incorporate some of those beautiful colors into my home. Here are some of my favorite items. — Kris from Little Tech Girl...
Guest Picks: Family Room Remodel Finds
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My family room needs help. My kids are still young. They still pull out their Legos and other toys. And they love to pull off all of the couch pillows to build a fort. Sigh. I am looking to start redoing the room very soon, so I need items that will look...
Guest Picks: Fun, Colorful Kid's Room Storage
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Your child's room can be a very, very messy place if there is not enough storage. It is no secret that kids do not like cleaning up, but these colorful storage options can make cleanup time fun. Bins, baskets and shelves offer style and lots of storage...
Guest Picks: 20 Stylish Laptop Bags that Make a Statement
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There are so many travelers and commuters that have to take their laptops, tablets and other gear wherever they go that the laptop bag has become a necessary staple. A few years ago when laptops were not yet mainstream, the only bag you could find was...
Guest Picks: High-Tech Summer Backyard Oasis
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With summer upon us, I am all about spending more time outdoors and entertaining. I have been addicted to watching DIY shows and have scoured Houzz and other websites for ideas and inspiration to fix up my huge yard, which has been a blank slate the past...
Guest Picks: Pink Gear For The Tech Girl Fashionista
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Anyone who knows me or who reads my blog knows I love pink. I actually own quite a few things on this page as part of my tech arsenal. I love my tech, and I love to be fashionable! Pink has kind of become my trademark. — Kris from Little Tech...
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