17 Ideabooks by Louise Lakier

My Houzz: A Dream Indoor-Outdoor Home in Nicaragua
18 photos
Peta Kaplan and Ben Sandzer-Bell first traveled from Chicago to Nicaragua in 2005 for a family vacation, but volcanoes, wildlife, markets, colonial architecture and beaches made them want to call the area home. "On the last day of our trip, having...
My Houzz: Sustainable Bamboo for a Prototype Home in Nicaragua
19 photos
Oren Pollack moved from the United States to Nicaragua two years ago to join his parents in finding ways to make the world a better place. He quickly founded a nonprofit agency called Sports Donations...
Houzz Tour: A Guesthouse and Grotto in 68 Square Feet
15 photos
Homeowner Hal David conceived and constructed a tiny guesthouse and grotto as a space-efficient and creative solution for his underutilized backyard. David wanted to reclaim his steeply sloped backyard, which was covered in fennel and weeds. He initially...
My Houzz: Tropical Modern Casitas Perch in the Nicaraguan Hills
11 photos
When Austin, Texas, native Robert Dull visited Nicaragua for the first time in 1997, he fell in love with the country and vowed to come back and buy land as soon as possible. Two years later he fulfilled his dream by buying 10 acres on a hillside 320...
My Houzz: Lush Views for a Modern Nicaraguan Home
22 photos
For general contractor Francisco Wheelock and his wife, Myriam Caldera, the move to this dream house was a happy homecoming. After studying civil engineering in Texas, Wheelock returned to his hometown of...
My Houzz: Tradition Lives On in a Historic Home and Lodge
13 photos
The Sou'wester Lodge in Seaview, Washington, has a long history of housing creative freethinkers. When friends Thandi Rosenbaum and Anastasia Corya heard the seaside property was up for sale in...
My Houzz: Tree House Tranquility in Nicaragua
27 photos
The surf drew John Eames to El Gigante, Nicaragua, in 2005. After three years of working on boats and building a business called Gigante Bay that caters to visiting surfers, Eames bought a piece of property on...
My Houzz: 2 Dwellings Keep Things All in the Family
20 photos
Two years after meeting as neighbors in southeast Portland, Oregon, Sam and Stephanie Dyer jumped right into their first project together: remodeling a 1911 bungalow. The home was in serious disrepair, with black mold, small pests, stained carpeting and...
My Houzz: Old-World European Flair in Oregon
18 photos
This Salem, Oregon, home has been undergoing remodeling for 18 years, transforming into a beautiful refuge. Geri and Sal Ortega have done everything from building furniture and cabinetry to placing rock and tile, to installing windows and built-ins. The...
My Houzz: A Woodsy Home Welcomes Animals and Plants
16 photos
Peggy and Bob Aronson found their 5-acre property on Craigslist, then built their home from the ground up. The couple devoted themselves completely to planning, building, decorating and landscaping their new home, resulting in a comfortable and cozy space...
My Houzz: Mixed-Use Oregon Home Serves and Charms
19 photos
Dayna McErlean's seven-year remodeling project transformed a debilitated Portland, Oregon, building into a vibrant multiuse project. Drawing on her childhood and inspired by her hands-on, creative family, McErlean created four dynamic spaces — the
My Houzz: Small, Vivid Island Home in Washington
18 photos
Although the "Salsa House" was originally named for the salsa made on the property (the ingredients are grown there as well), this eclectic little home on Washington state's Vashon Island lives up to its festive and colorful name. Recycled materials,...
My Houzz: A Seattle Remodel Offers Accessibility
16 photos
Marsha Donaldson and Bill Ferris remodeled their house to look and function like any other contemporary home, but the real beauty of the new design lies in the subtle details. The couple's space-efficient design choices also make the house fully accessible...
My Houzz: Washington Waterfront Cabin on Stilts
14 photos
A pocket community of cabins built in the 1920s sits atop wooden piers in Puget Sound, a short commute away from Seattle. Joel and Kitty, Seattle artists, curators and consultants, discovered the historic Fragraria area while looking for...
My Houzz: Modern, Renovated Home in Seattle
19 photos
When Gay Silvestri and Ted Kadet purchased their 1960s home on Seattle's Lake Washington, it screamed pink from top to bottom. Pink tiles ran underfoot, and the previous homeowners had painted the ceiling beams pink to match. Gay asked her...
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