34 Ideabooks by Melissa de la Fuente

Guest Picks: Get a Fresh Start in Your Home, From Porch to Mudroom
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Which room in your home is your favorite? Which one could use a little TLC? I love my living room; it is definitely the hub of the home. It isn’t huge, but it is cozy and bright. I would love to paint it a pale pink. Spring is a great time to throw...
Guest Picks: Spring-Dreaming Decor
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Are you as ready for spring as I am? I find myself sitting around daydreaming of when the weather will be nice enough for sitting on the porch, watching flowers bloom, opening the windows and finally feeling those warm breezes. I think a little natural...
Guest Picks: Fresh Sunshine
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A fresh start, a new year. Just in case you have the January doldrums, here is some fresh sunshine to brighten your days. Just one or two bright, shiny new things might make the wait for spring a little more bearable. xo — Melissa from Melissa...
Guest Picks: Sparkle & Earth
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December is one of my favorite months: the holidays, the sparkling snow, the lights at night, the smells and cozy moments indoors. Here is a little sparkling December house love for you, tempered by some earthly goodies. Enjoy! xo — Melissa from...
Guest Picks: November Glow
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We’re heading into the holidays, one of my favorite times of the year! It’s the cozy textures and sparkle of the season that really get me. I hope yours is warm and spectacular. Here are some things for your home to help make it so! xo — Melissa...
Guest Picks: Cozy Glamour
19 photos
Blues, glitz and warmth. Cozy up for fall with a bright and glamorous nest to cuddle up in. Hope you enjoy! xo — Melissa from Melissa Loves
Guest Picks: October Warmth
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Snuggle weather is here. It's time for sweaters, cozy blankets, fires and investing in your surroundings for the change of seasons. I hope you enjoy! xo — Melissa from Melissa Loves
Guest Picks: Wish List for Fall
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When the chilly weather begins. I can't help but wish for a little change in my home. I want drama, warmth and texture. Wouldn't these be wonderful for fall? — Melissa from Melissa Loves
Guest Picks: Blues and Pinks (and a Little Bit of White)
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Why does summer seem to go by so fast? To extend the feeling, I've gathered some blues for the ocean, pinks for the sunsets and white for the sand under your toes. I hope you are having a wonderful summer, and I hope a little bit of it can be spent by...
Guest Picks: June Glow
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There is nothing like the freedom that June brings. We all get to be barefoot and fancy free — for a few months at least. Introduce some color and texture to reconnect you with your home. xo — Melissa from Melissa...
Guest Picks: Breath of Fresh Air
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Warmer days and cool breezes at night put me in the mood for blue, gold, linen, and anything fresh and clean. Are you with me? Good! Enjoy and have a happy end of spring and beginning of summer! xo — Melissa from Melissa...
Guest Picks: The Porch & Yard
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It's not too early to begin thinking about revving up and revamping your outdoor spaces. Just one or two fresh things can make you feel like you've got a new lease on an old space. — Melissa from Melissa...
Guest Picks: Indigo and Salmon With Accents of White
20 photos
Do you think it's true that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? If so, perhaps a little peach and indigo are needed to soften the lion and toughen up the lamb. They're two of my favorite colors and look so good together. How would you...
Guest Picks: Vintage Etsy
20 photos
I love nothing more than perusing a flea market on a beautiful spring or summer day. But when the time of year or weather doesn't permit, I can stroll through my very own virtual flea market on Etsy. So many vintage pieces to love, so little time! I hope...
Guest Picks: New Art for the New Year
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What better way is there to ring in the new year and new possibilities than with art that inspires you? These are some of my most recent favorites, and I know you'll love them too. Enjoy! xo — Melissa from Melissa...
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