45 Ideabooks by Lucy McLintic

Guest Picks: Your Style in Print: 20 Affordable Art Options
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Shopping for the perfect piece of art to complete your home can be a daunting process. And that’s one of the reasons so many art sites have popped up in recent years, aimed at making the process simpler and more affordable. Many offer limited edition...
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Guest Picks: 20 Ways to Get the Dipped, Dyed, Ombré Look
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If you're looking for a way to add a little color to your home, the trend for hand-dipped, hand-dyed and ombré items is going to make you very happy. From hair to fashion and to home furnishings, the ombré craze has been around for quite some time....
Guest Picks: Jolts From the Blue
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If I had to pick a color to represent summer, I would choose blue. I know some people consider it to be a cold hue, but think of bright blue summer skies, deep blue oceans or turquoise blue swimming pools, and it's not hard to understand why blue evokes...
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