109 Ideabooks by Beth Woodson and Kristy Harvey

How to Pick a Mailbox That Really Delivers
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Getting mail is one of the best parts of the day — as long as you're expecting more than junk mail. Certain homes simply call for an attached mailbox that adds curb appeal. Whether it's hanging on the front porch, the garage or the wall surrounding...
Étagère Herb Gardens Keep Flavor Within Reach
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Fresh, healthy herbs make wonderful companions to all your favorite meals, but running back and forth to the store to pick them up can be time consuming and pricey. It's simple to plant a few of your favorite picks either indoors or out without having...
Amazingly Low-Maintenance Picks for Outdoor Planters
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Between the scorching summer sun and extended vacations, it's probably not a surprise when your outdoor plants start looking like they need a little love. Instead of paying the neighbor kids to keep your vegetation hydrated every time you hit the beach,...
Evoke Laid-Back Style With Bamboo Curtain Rods
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Beautiful, exotic and ecofriendly, bamboo is often used in home furnishings — from flooring to furniture. Curtain rods are a great place to integrate this wood into your home. Bamboo curtain rods come a variety of colors and are visually lighter than...
Upgrade Your Outdoor Privacy With Lattice
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With summer in full swing, it's natural to want to spend more time outdoors. If you live on sprawling acreage without another person in sight, then worrying about maintaining your privacy probably isn't high on your priority list. For the rest of us,...
Embrace the Fringe Element
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Pillows are the jewelry of the bed or couch. They bring in accent colors, add pizazz and, quite often, become focal points. A little flirty trim is one of our favorite ways to dress up a pillow to make sure it doesn't fade into the background. Fat pompoms,...
Beach House
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A Bergère Chair for Every Space
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Originally, bergère chairs were used frequently among nobility and were gilded and covered with silk. These 17th century staples were made with wooden frames and upholstered seats and backs. Their light frame was made to travel with the party, frequently...
Shapely Coral Sparks Summer Decor
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Whether your home sits on the beach or at the top of a city skyscraper, a beautifully shaped piece of coral can fit into any room. While we might traditionally think of them for beach houses or summer weather, these little bits of nature make great accessories...
Two Sofas Double the Design Possibilities
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Larger living rooms require some creative furniture arrangement. Pairing sofas creates a cohesive look with a stylish touch and adds that extra seating you've been looking for. Flanking a fireplace, set in a corner or pushed back to back, two couches...
Guest Picks: Papier-Mâché Pieces for the Home
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If you equate papier-mâché with a messy childhood art project, it's time for a fresh perspective. Papier-mâché can be durable, stylish and super easy to hang or move. In bright colors, stark white or a little something in-between,...
Double Front Porches Stack Up Comfort
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The front porch is often considered the quintessential element of Southern architecture — it has long been the perfect place for enjoying the view, catching a breeze or simply setting a spell, as they say in the South. Front porches were the original...
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Bedeck Your Furniture With New Knobs and Pulls
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We'll admit it: We're not huge DIYers. For some reason we can imagine turning a falling-down shack into a showplace, but can't quite visualize a peeling end table with a new lease on life. It's time to change all that! We can always get excited...
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