49 Ideabooks by Paul Anater

The Case for Linoleum and Vinyl Floors
10 photos
So far in this flooring series, I've discussed a variety of ceramic tile, plank wood, engineered wood and laminate floors. Rounding out but by no means completing this series are linoleum and vinyl — also called resilient flooring, or sheet goods. Resilient...
When to Use Engineered Wood Floors
10 photos
After two weeks of discussing the different characteristics of a variety of solid plank wood floors, it's time to delve into the world of engineered wood floors. Once installed, an engineered wood floor can be difficult to distinguish from a
Decorating With Unexpected Stripes
10 photos
In a never-ending quest to add interest and texture to spaces, my mind comes back to stripes time and again. No matter how formal the space, stripes never fail to lighten the mood. Stripes can also perform a real task. When they run horizontally they...
Your Floors: Zebra, Tiger, and Teak Wood, Oh, My!
11 photos
In the first installment of my flooring series, I reviewed some of the characteristics of some common wood species used for solid plank floors that are common in North America and Europe. In this second installment, I'll review the characteristics of...
Houzz Tour: A Contemporary Beach House Dazzles
10 photos
Imagine a beach house that doesn't look like a beach house. Imagine a beach house that bypasses the expected driftwood and conch shells and instead delivers high design with contemporary dazzle. What would it look like if you took great tile, custom furniture...
Confident Color: When to Use Cool and Warm Hues
11 photos
Knowing the difference between a warm color and a cool color can help you choose color combinations more confidently. When you understand how the temperature of a color affects how it's perceived, you can use that knowledge to design color schemes...
Dare to Choose a More Colorful Neutral
9 photos
When a lot people hear the word neutral, they think immediately of brown and beige color schemes. While it's true that browns and beiges can be a good place to start, there's a lot more to neutrals. Before we get to that though, it'll help to...
Design Icon: Hans Wegner and His Magnificent Chairs
9 photos
Hans Wegner was born the son of a cobbler in the southern Danish town of Tønder in 1914. He studied to be a cabinet maker as a child apprentice. By the time he was in his early 20s, he was studying at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts and the Architectural...
Straight From Spain: Amazing New Trends in Tile
11 photos
As I mentioned in my last ideabook, I am freshly back from a trip to the Spanish city of Valencia and that city's annual tile, bath and natural stone showcase called Cevisama. My last ideabook covered the bath trends I saw, and this one's all about the...
Special Report: Bath Trends From Valencia
14 photos
I just got back from Valencia, Spain, where the Spanish tile, bath and stone industries have gathered for a massive trade show called Cevisama. The mood was somewhere between ebullient and ecstatic, and Cevisama itself was a visual feast, filled with...
Special Report: Kitchen News from Cologne
13 photos
The German city of Cologne is rapidly becoming the place to watch when it comes to cutting-edge design. Last week I was honored to attend Cologne's 2011 Internationale Möbelmesse (IMM) design show. A highlight was a kitchen-specific section called the...
Special Report: Interior Design News From Cologne
22 photos
Last week I was one of 100,000 design fans from around the world who descended on Cologne, Germany for the Internationale Möbelmesse, or IMM. Along with the Salone di Mobile which is held every year in Milan, the IMM is considered to be the world's premiere...
The Case for a Curbless Shower
10 photos
Almost every shower you see has a 6-inch step at the entrance. Most people never think about it. But if you're looking to create a streamlined bathroom, that curb will stand out. And if you're a wheelchair user, that small obstacle may just as well be...
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