79 Ideabooks by Kelly Porter

How to Pick the Right Yellow
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Yellow is a color of many meanings. It is the warmth of the sun and the renewal we see in the first flowers of spring. When paired with black it warns us of danger, and when we see a yellow bow, it encourages us to hope. When used in our homes, yellow...
How To Pick the Right Green Paint
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Often referred to as nature's neutral, green is probably the most diverse color on earth. Because we see so much of green outdoors, it is a color that most people are comfortable with having in their homes. However, depending on the type of green, we...
Wasabi Green Spaces That Wow
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If you're looking for a unique, eye-catching color that will add drama to your home, wasabi green may be just what you're looking for. Also referred to as chartreuse, pear green, and acid green among others, this yellow-green hue is hotter than ever....
Outdoor Rooms: The Perfect Pergola
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If you've been thinking about how to add more elegance to your terrace, patio or deck, a pergola could be the perfect choice. This beautiful structure is a wonderful way to define your outdoor space without closing it in. Pergolas are classic, architectural...
Color Courage: Jewel Tones
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The richest and most stunning of colors are called jewel tones for a reason. These hues instantly add feelings of luxury and splendor to a room. It can take a bit of color courage to use them, but the results are well worth it. For those who believe...
Glass Tabletops Make a Room Sparkle
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A glass dining table may not always be the star in a room, but it certainly plays a big supporting role. This understated piece of furniture often sits in the background allowing the rest of the room to shine. And from time to time it does steal the...
The Art of Accessorizing: Tips For Creating That Finished Look
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I love the phrase, "God is in the details," a saying accredited to the famed architect Le Corbusier. It implies that even the grandest, most impressive projects rely on the success of the smallest elements. This statement is truly on point when it comes...
Opposites Attract: Creating Dynamic Spaces
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Many of us are already familiar with the different styles that describe rooms: modern, traditional, rustic, French country, etc. When designing a room, these styles will dictate which colors and furnishings we select. The same is true with creating...
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A Lesson In Lighting: How To Use Wall Sconces
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Lighting is one of the most important elements in design, but it is often overlooked. A great lighting plan will improve the appearance of colors and furnishings, and it will also help you look and feel better in your space. There are three main types...
Colorful Window Treatments
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There is so much to consider when selecting window treatments for a room. We may need privacy, light control or both, but don't overlook the fact that curtains and shades can also add a welcome pop of color. Whether streamlined, luxurious or something...
From Tots to Teens: Great Spaces for Boys
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There is a special place in my heart for boys...probably because I have three of my own. No, boys aren't generally too concerned about the design of their room, but I've found that when a great space is created for them they will appreciate it. I know...
Color to Try: Tiger-Eye
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Tiger-Eye is as exotic as it sounds. Not only does its name represent the actual golden-brown color of a tiger's eyes, but this hue also appears in a precious gemstone of the very same name. In your home, this luscious color can be elegant and also...
Iced Color: Hot Ideas For Cool Hues
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Color can definitely warm up a space, but what if you want to cool things down? Some would argue that it's best to keep the walls white but I couldn't disagree more. In today's fast-paced society, we could all use a little more tranquility. Using colors...
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