134 Ideabooks by Rachel Grace

Bathroom Floor Tile: Pebble
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People have a lot to say about the materials and finishes one selects for their home and the bathroom floor may be one of the most talked about selections. Pebble tiles are an especially hotly debated material choice for bathrooms and are most often...
Guest Picks: Gender-Neutral Eclectic Nursery
20 photos
Seven short months ago, I welcomed my first child into the world, and I couldn’t love motherhood more! For the rest of my life, I’ll be a mother first and a designer second. When I was a mama-to-be, the designer in me focused on the nursery as if...
Guest Picks: Bright New Style for a Craftsman Living Room
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When my husband and I bought our 1920s bungalow, it was in need of TLC. As an interior designer–carpenter couple, we saw the potential and history it possessed and chose to restore it to its Craftsman...
Guest Picks: Made in America
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With the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in full swing, American spirit is at an all-time high. With 230 athletes representing the land of the free and the home of the brave, and US-designed and -produced pieces at an all time high, it’s a great time to...
Guest Picks: Obsessed With Pendleton
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Bold, modern Southwestern patterns are sweeping interiors this season, thanks to the folks at Pendleton. The American, family-owned business has been weaving their world-class designs in the Pacific Northwest for over 100 years. The designers...
Guest Picks: Pinecone Party
20 photos
The pinecone is the quintessential nondenominational symbol of of the season. Deck your halls with these festive accessories adorned with winter’s trademark image! — Rachel from Raenovate
Bathroom Floor Tile: Glass Mosaic for a Luxurious Look
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Glass mosaic tile flooring can certainly add beauty to a bathroom, but it’s still a hotly debated material choice for flooring. No one can deny how great it looks, but some people question its durability and safety in a wet environment. Here you’ll...
Guest Picks: Dessert-Themed Decor for the Yummiest Month of the Year
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For us Americans, November is the month that we strap on our feed bags and eat ourselves into oblivion. What better way to celebrate than to decorate with the sweetest of treats? Because, who am I kidding, dessert is my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner!...
Guest Picks: Orange is the New Black
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While the new Netflix series Orange is the New Black is sweeping the nation, the color orange is doing just the same thing. This fall season, a range of vibrant orange hues are popping up like gangbusters in home accessory departments, literally...
Will Cork Float for Your Bathroom Floor?
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There are a lot of factors to consider when picking out a material for the bathroom floor: price, aesthetic, installation, maintenance, sustainability and more. Cork is an especially hotly debated material choice for bathrooms. Although it's often...
Guest Picks: Eye-of-the-Tiger Decor
20 photos
Home decor and fashion trends often collide. When the fall fashion catalogs starting flooding my mailbox, I took note of the many clothing articles featuring tigers and orange and black motifs. From there I hit the web to discover that home decor designers...
Guest Picks: 20 Earth-Friendly Accessories for Baby
20 photos
With my first baby due soon, I've made a conscience effort to purchase and register for organic and sustainable baby items. Not only are they safer for baby, but if I can make an impact on my child's future Earth, I might as well get a head start. And...
Guest Picks: A Bicycle Built for Summer
18 photos
Bicycle accessories scream summer, so why not look to this leisurely mode of transportation for decorating inspiration this season? These 18 top-notch bicycle-themed products are guaranteed to be happy additions to your summery abode. — Rachel...
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