9 Ideabooks by Reading My Tea Leaves

Guest Picks: Keeping Cool, Without Turning on the AC
20 photos
In general, I don't think of myself as being particularly counter-cultural. But in the summertime, I do one thing that some of my friends consider to be positively radical. I don't turn on the air conditioning. Like many New York apartments, my place...
Guest Picks: Dining Accoutrements for a Small Balcony
20 photos
Just a few short minutes from my home in Brooklyn is the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It's a magnificent walkway with the most arresting views of Manhattan you'll find anywhere. Lining the length of the historic walk are beautiful brownstones, many of...
Guest Picks: Spring Linens for a Fresh Start
20 photos
With spring just around the corner, I've got the itch to brighten things up a bit around my tiny apartment. To me, there's nothing better than slipping into a freshly made bed at the end of a busy day. In that spirit, here's a collection of springtime...
Guest Picks: Sweet Dreams for a Someday-Nursery
20 photos
While I'm not anywhere near needing to plan for a nursery in my own home, I am an aunt to two and the doting friend of many a tiny human. And nurseries have been on my mind lately. I especially like nurseries that are simple enough that they can transform...
Guest Picks: Enhance Your Bath With Simply Beautiful Accessories
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The idea of luxurious baths — with candles and bubbles, please — sounds irresistible in winter. The downside is that the bathroom is often neglected, and sinking into a tub isn't terribly appealing if the space is ho-hum. Here are a few dreamy accessories...
Guest Picks: Winter Lights to Ward Off Dark Nights
20 photos
The weeks leading up to and away from the winter solstice are the darkest in the year. It's no wonder that during this season we all string lights along banisters and lampposts and turn our focus to merrymaking. Here is a collection of wintry lights to...
Guest Picks: Feasting
20 photos
For me, this time of year is all about feasting. Whether I'm preparing for a huge holiday dinner or entertaining a few friends, it's helpful to have a kitchen stocked with classic items to help take things from stove to tabletop. Here is a collection...
Guest Picks: Accessories for a Tiny Entryway
20 photos
When you live in an apartment as tiny as mine, it's sometimes hard to distinguish the entryway from the rest of the joint. Collected here are a few bits and bobs that help make the distinction and keep things organized and neat at the same time. —...
Guest Picks: Letter Writing in Modern Style
20 photos
Sitting down to write a letter is one my favorite things to do. At the end of the exercise, I've had the chance to spend a quiet moment by myself, and I have all the joy of knowing that I've created a little something unexpected for someone else. Here...
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