8 Ideabooks by S. Timberlake

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The worktables we build for people with job-specific requirements are always made from the finest quality maple, cherry, and walnut we can find. We recommend these dense hardwoods for any piece of furniture that will be used daily in an active work environment....
Scandinavian Chair Design
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Our new "zetta's chair" borrows richly from Scandinavian dining chair designs that feature lumbar support with a back-wrapping curve that is a natural fit for the shoulders and torso. (pictured in walnut and ash. available in cherry and maple at http://www.stimberlake.com/zettaschair.html)...
Shaker china cabinets and step back cupboards
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We design and build cherry and maple china cabinets, step back cupboards, side tables, and buffets in the Shaker style as well as customer requested pieces.
Shaker Dropleaf Tables
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The Shaker dropleaf table is distinguished by its design which allows chairs to be pushed under the lowered leafs thus providing more space in the dining room when the table is not in service.
Shaker Chairs - Durable and Versatile
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The classic Shaker chair has a backward tilt for comfort, is extremely lightweight, and if built the way the Shakers made their chairs, they are durable and worthy of the rigors of daily life in an active home. The unadorned elegance of these simple appearing...
The Shaker Dropleaf Table - Space Saving the Old Way
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You have a room or dining area that is ten feet square and your table needs to seat eight people for a Thanksgiving dinner. Did I say turkey? So, the ideal table would need to be wide enough to accommodate a fowl friend on a huge platter but allow room...
Shaker Kitchen Stools
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We make more custom Shaker reproduction kitchen counter stools than anyone we know. All our stools are made to fit our client's kitchen counters and lifestyles. See our gallery at http://www.stimberlake.com/stoolgallery.html
Custom Beds - Keeping it Clean & Simple
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Every bed we make in our Bethel, Maine workshop is "custom", made to order. This ensures proper mattress height of our client's sleep system and the ideal look for the bedroom. Most of our clients know that when they call on a furniture maker specializing...
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