91 Ideabooks by Shane D. Inman

Everything you need to know about your sofa
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A comfy sofa is a wonderful thing. It’s a place to chat, to nap, to watch TV, to read, maybe even to enjoy a late-night snack. It’s usually the focal point of your living or family room. A modern sofa will be simple...
Work In Some Workout Room Right at Home
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A home gym isn't just for the rich and famous anymore. All you need is a little (yes, just a little) space to be able to work out in the comfort of your own home. Do you have a room that isn't being used to its full potential? Maybe it's a spacious...
8 Ideas for High-Functioning Mudrooms
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Mudrooms help us transition from our adventures in the great outdoors to the comforts inside our homes. But when packed with clever built-ins, space-maximizing storage and nifty organizers, a mudroom can also become a high-functioning,...
8 Beautiful Nursery Styles From Classic to Whimsical
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The excitement of welcoming a newborn home brings most new parents' nesting instincts to life. A nursery's style can reflect the rest of the home or have a theme that truly stands out. Don't be afraid to try something new in a nursery, whether it's...
8 Over-the-Top Bedrooms for Kids
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You get to be a kid only once — so let your children embrace it! Children's rooms are a great place for getting creative and going overboard with wildly imaginative designs. Take a look at these inspiring rooms and get motivated turn your children's...
8 Stunning and Soothing Shower Designs
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Modern amenities for the shower such as rain heads, body jets, steam showers and hand wands allow you to easily wash away the stress of the day. Take a look at these incredible spaces — from a stained-glass surround, to a soothing and meditative shower,...
8 Beautifully Different Tub Materials for Bath-Time Luxury
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Who made up the rule that bathtubs have to be white? If you love a good soak, make your tub the standout feature in your bathroom. A marble, metal, wood or glass tub makes an instant design statement and is truly a luxurious spot for a bubble bath. Take...
8 Qualities of Great Interior Design
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Like art, interior design speaks to each of us differently. For me great design comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone, mixing paints, textures and fabrics in unique ways. But for others great design is about simplicity, clean lines and modern...
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