623 Ideabooks by Shawn Gauthier

Hunker Down With a Built-In Couch
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If you’re having trouble finding the perfect couch and are considering custom, perhaps you should take it a step further: the built-in couch. Like any built-in unit, these couches have great advantages: They can be built exactly to your specifications,...
Egg-Inspired Designs Hatch in the Home
15 photos
We may think of Easter as the only time to bring out the eggs. However, it’s possible you’ve had eggs on display year-round without entirely realizing it. Take a look around. Do you have a Jacobsen Egg Chair in your living room? Or perhaps egg sculptures...
5 Tips for Enhancing the Appeal of Your Fireplace
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There is hardly a more picturesque winter evening than one curled up fireside. Except, perhaps, one curled up next to a particularly chic fireplace. That being said, it may be time to assess the current state of your fireplace. Could it benefit from a...
16 Creative Ways to Hide Easter Eggs
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The countdown is on to Easter, and it’s time to lay down a strategy for the annual egg hunt. Instead of hitting up the usual hiding places — behind the throw pillows, under the couch — have a little fun this year by stashing the eggs in unexpected...
Diva Bedrooms Grab the Spotlight
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“Diva” refers to a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, theater, cinema or popular music. She also tends to have impressive style. In addition, she is probably exhausted and needs just the right bedroom perfect for recharging. However,...
Remember the Rooftop
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It seems we never quite have enough space in our homes, especially if we’re living in the tightly packed quarters of a city. However, there may be one prime space that you’ve overlooked: your rooftop. Could you convert it into an entertaining space...
Kids' Study Spaces Earn High Marks
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It feels enticingly like summer lately in the Midwest, and I’m sure kids everywhere are getting the itch to ditch the books for the great outdoors. Unfortunately, this early streak of warm temperatures is a bit of a tease: It may feel like school is...
Invite Your View Inside
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I once interviewed a well-known designer about a beach home she decorated along the Atlantic coast of Georgia's Sea Island. The space was filled with blues, greens and neutrals, and when I asked what had inspired it, she said simply, “The view!” Regardless...
Hit a Bold Color Balance
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Applying bold color to a space is no haphazard process. Here’s the thing: When the eye notices a bold color, it immediately begins searching for it elsewhere in a room. Therefore, a space’s sense of balance requires that these attention-grabbing colors...
Get the Hang of Rethinking Mirrors
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Mirrors in design are generally used for functional reasons, such as over the bathroom sink or to help small spaces feel larger through reflection. In these situations, it’s easy enough to simply hang a mirror on a hook and call it a day. However, by...
Crazy Lighting
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Center Bathtubs Take Top Billing
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Like many people, I sometimes think about the bathroom I'd love to have someday. Until now, this dream has never involved a layout with the bath in the center of the space. It never even crossed my mind until I began seeing shot after shot of this concept...
Blended Doors for Standout Style
10 photos
If you want to create a seamless, uninterrupted aesthetic for your space, you may be missing one element that could truly complete your look: the blended door. The blended door (not a technical term) is essentially a door that blends directly...
Round Rug
2 photos
Mini Guide to Minimalism
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So often, we approach spaces and wonder what can be added. However, what about those things that can be taken away? Certain spaces — those with great architecture, incredible views or small dimensions — may be best enhanced with a minimalist approach,...
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