27 Ideabooks by Tracy Benjamin

Guest Picks: A Bag for Everything
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Who doesn’t love a good bag? I feel like I’m always searching for the right one. Too many pockets? Too few pockets? Is the lining cute? Does it make a statement? We all have a lot of baggage in life, so we may as well make it look good! —...
Guest Picks: Enamored With Enamel
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I’ve grown quite obsessed with enamel as of late. It seems like a good portable option for food. It’s easy to clean up, and if you’re planning on camping, it’s the only way to go! — Tracy from Shutterbean...
Guest Picks: Dish Toweling
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Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up in the kitchen. And you should never underestimate the power of a dish towel. If your table were an outfit, the dish towel would be the scarf, the perfect finishing touch. — Tracy from Shutterbean...
Guest Picks: Salad Times!
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How do we balance out all of the naughty things we indulged in food-wise this month? Salad. But let’s get inspired. You know how people get new workout clothes to motivate them to be more active? Let’s get salad paraphernalia to inspire us...
Guest Picks: Silver & Gold
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Deck the halls with bits of silver and gold this year. And maybe we all should leave everything up until deep into 2014 because we deserve a little opulence in our surroundings! — Tracy from Shutterbean...
Guest Picks: Mercury Glass (in Retrograde)
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Mercury is currently in retrograde. How do you celebrate it? You don't buy new electronics — but you can surround yourself with mercury glass! It's rustic, it's beautiful, and it adds a bit of beauty to your home. — Tracy from Shutterbean...
Guest Picks: Why You Muggin'?
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Coffee: I can't get enough of it. Why not shake things up and treat yo'self to a good looking mug? It can really help set the tone for the day. — Tracy from Shutterbean
Guest Picks: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
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I love mirrors. It's not because I'm vain; it's because they can make a room look bigger! They can also function as art. And let's be real, I can easily check my lipstick/outfit when I'm passing by. — Tracy from Shutterbean...
Guest Picks: Black and White
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I love me some contrast, and I can't help but be drawn to black and white. It is my neutral because I can pretty much mix any color with it. Pop of color? No problem. Pattern on pattern? OK! You're daring. I love that about you. — Tracy from
Guest Picks: Outdoor Lounging
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It's officially summer, which means that my family and I spend most of our time outside. Let the kids run around in the sprinklers, and let the adults kick back and lounge. It's the perfect time of year to pull up a lounge chair, read a good book and...
Guest Picks: Ice Cream Social
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Summer is just around the corner. That means hot days filled with ice cream. Make sure you're prepared! — Tracy from Shutterbean
Guest Picks: Flower Power
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Flower power! I never thought I'd be into florals. If you told me when I was 19 that I'd be spending hours looking at florals online, I'd say, "You have to be kidding me." Proof that getting old (sometimes) rules. — Tracy from Shutterbean...
Guest Picks: It's About Time
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It's about time! If I could, I'd have a whole room filled with clocks. It's not that I'm obsessed with knowing what time it is, it's just that I love being surround by numbers. Here's an homage to my favorite types of wall clocks. — Tracy from...
Guest Picks: Ombré Nation!
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Ombré/gradient/dip-dye — they're all pretty much the same thing. The effect? A gradual descent of color in a space. Why is it popular and why has it come back again and again? There's something hypnotic and relaxing about the effect. In a way, it's...
Guest Picks: Get Juicing
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It seems like everyone is juicing these days. It's a new year, and people want to get their fruits and vegetables in somehow. It's also peak season for citrus, so what better time to jump-start your love of juice? These fun accessories will help you to...
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