35 Ideabooks by Vanessa Rough

Guest Picks: Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer
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When school's out, it's hard to think of fun ways to keep your kids entertained all day long. I find that having fun games and art supplies on hand allows them (and me) to find fun and imaginative things to do. This collection includes a few of my kids'...
Guest Picks: Everything in Bloom
20 photos
My garden is blooming, and I am inspired by all the bright and beautiful colors of the flowers. If you live in an area where it still feels more like winter than spring, these fun floral picks will add some life to your indoor space. — Vanessa...
Guest Picks: Little Naturalist
20 photos
Lately, my family and I have been reading about naturalists and exploring the wonders of nature. This collection is inspired by the passion my 6 year old has for all the beautiful things she is discovering in the natural world. — Vanessa from...
Guest Picks: For the Birds
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This winter, my family has been getting into backyard bird-watching. We set up a squirrel-proof bird feeder and bought some binoculars and a few handy region-specific guidebooks. My girls (6 and 2 years old) have loved looking out the window every morning...
Guest Picks: Love
20 photos
My family's very favorite love stories have inspired this collection to help us all celebrate the month of love! — Vanessa from Silly Eagle Books
Guest Picks: Seeing Stars
20 photos
My family and I have created a list of things we want to do together in the new year, and learning more about the night sky is on the list. Stars, in particular, hold a certain fascination for us. This is a collection of books we plan on reading and beautiful...
Guest Picks: O Christmas Tree
21 photos
My family's Christmas tree is up, and we are having fun making ornaments to decorate it with. This collection is inspired by some of our very favorite Christmas storybooks and the trees that are the stars of those books. — Vanessa from Silly...
Guest Picks: 12 Days of Christmas
22 photos
One of my favorite holiday traditions is reading several picture book versions of The Twelve Days of Christmas with my girls. We own quite a few, and we always check out a bunch from our library. One year we even made book-inspired Christmas ornaments...
Guest Picks: It's Fall!
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Fall is probably my favorite season. I love the cooler weather and the time my kids and I spend enjoying nature. We collect acorns and leaves and visit the pumpkin patch at least once. I've collected some fun ways to incorporate a bit of fall inside your...
Guest Picks: Rainbow Connection
20 photos
I've had bright colors on my mind lately, and I wanted to share some options for injecting a pop of rainbow into your home. — Vanessa from Silly Eagle Books
Guest Picks: Schoolhouse Charm
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I'm busy creating a schoolroom/playroom for my daughters, and I am hoping to incorporate some vintage schoolhouse elements. Here are some of my top picks for adding a bit of that old schoolhouse charm to your space. — Vanessa from Silly...
Guest Picks: 'Good Night Moon' Room
24 photos
I'm always inspired by storybooks, and I thought it would be fun to put together a room based on the classic Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. With green walls and a few of the items in this collection, you could bring your child's favorite...
Guest Picks: Summer Reading List
20 photos
To kick off the summer, I've collected some summer reads for your enjoyment. Some are favorites that we have already enjoyed together and others are ones on our personal summer reading list. All evoke some sort of summer feeling or association with them...
Guest Picks: What's In A Name?
20 photos
I'm always looking for ways to turn my kids' names into art. It is a nice way to add a personal touch to a nursery or bedroom. These are some of my favorite artistic ways with kids' names. They all have some sort of storybook quality to them, too. —...
Guest Picks: Let's Go Down To The Ocean, Let's Go Down To The Sea
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We always take a trip to the beach in the spring, and as my daughter gets older, she gets more excited about it as the week approaches. To help us wait, we read books about the beach. Those books inspired this collection of sea-related finds. —...
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