8 Ideabooks by Stacy Garcia, Inc.

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Influenced by the luxury, decadence and lavish self-indulgence of the Roaring 20s, Speakeasy draws inspiration from New York City landmarks, bringing crisp symmetry and industrial angles of Art Deco style to life. Embellished with the look of precious...
Dark Fairytale
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Mysterious and sensual, theatrical and staged, Dark Fairytale is inspired by our desire to escape. This trend showcases shadowy imagery, forest tones, dark feminine motifs, and Gothic flare as embellishment. Influenced by darkness and drama, Dark...
Wild Corners
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Adventurous. Tribal. Indigenous. Wild Corners takes you for a trip around the globe with woven structures, tribal patterns, and exotic florals. Feel the warmth of its tropical flare and its uplifting, nomadic spirit. With a vivid color palette...
Mid-Century Ideal
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Mid-Century Ideal is a Nod to Mod; an idealized version of what the 50s and 60s were like. It is counter to technology. We want to be unplugged and reconnect with our values. You'll see distressed leathers, couches with boxy lines, low back, and...
Acid Hip
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Rebellious and bold, Acid Hip turns up the volume. This trend features dynamic color blocking, geometric grids and unexpected juxtapositions of pixilated and spray painted art. Acid Hip knows how to stand out. It's about to get loud!
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