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How to Choose the Right Hood Fan for Your Kitchen
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The kitchen for many is a sophisticated workshop where we whip up mouthwatering meals to nourish ourselves and our loved ones. But the wonderful cooking process has some unfortunate by-products: grease, moisture and odor. The proper ventilation can help...
Work Zones - Stepping out of the work triangle
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Modern day lifestyle has required changes to the way kitchens work. Popular space configurations include the Great Room Concept which sees formal dining and living spaces being combined with the kitchen, or the family room and informal eating space off...
pizza ovens
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Breaking Out of the Kitchen Work Triangle
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You may be familiar with the kitchen work triangle and its emphasis on an efficient kitchen layout. But did you know that this concept has been in use for...
Wake Up Your Kitchen With a Deluxe Coffee Center
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A dedicated coffee station is on many kitchen wish lists. Having a spot to brew your favorite cup of joe in the morning or to serve guests an after-dinner espresso is a big favorite in kitchens today. While a coffee center really doesn't need more than...
Go for the Glow: Mother-of-Pearl Shines Around the Home
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Mother-of-pearl has been used since ancient times to make people and their homes more beautiful, but today's manufacturing techniques have made this product even more accessible and economical. "Mother-of-pearl" is the common name for iridescent nacre,...
10 Unusual Interior Materials for High-End, Custom Appeal
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The more unusual the material, the more personal a space can be. Unique materials aren't just fun — they can help a home become a personal expression of its owner. Some of these products have been around for ages but were previously used in...
Love to Cook? You Need a Fan. Find the Right Kind for You
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Finding a great range hood isn't just about style — knowing what will work best for your kitchen and the way you cook is key. Think carefully about what you need out of your kitchen ventilation system before you shop. Range hoods come as island-mount...
Go Cuckoo for Coconut Furniture and Surfaces
8 photos
When I first came across coconut as a furniture material several years ago, the idea absolutey intrigued me. Coconut shell and palm wood are normally industry by-products, typically either burned or thrown into landfills. But a number of manufacturers...
The Ins and Outs on Countertops
25 photos
I couldn't help but notice that a lot of questions in the Houzz kitchen community relate to countertop materials. I compiled photos of my own portfolio and will give some input on the various materials that are out there, and I will share my and my clients...
Sculptural Kitchen Islands
11 photos
Ever since I came across the work of the ingenious architect and kitchen designer Johnny Grey, I found one of my true passions in kitchen design - to create sculptural pieces of cabinetry, that not only look great, but also work hard. Kitchen Design is...
9 Popular Stovetop Options — Plus Tips for Choosing the Right One
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Choosing appliances is about more than just looks and function — the way they fit into the space is key. Over the years I've learned that aside from precise room measurements, technical specification sheets for appliances are the most necessary information...
Kitchen Design Fix: How to Fit an Island Into a Small Kitchen
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I've read time and time again that a 12-foot-wide kitchen isn't wide enough for an island. Of course, available space for an island depends on the particular distribution of kitchen workspaces, as well as your lifestyle and family dynamics, but a 12-foot-wide...
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