18 Ideabooks by Housatonic Hardwoods, Inc.

Antique Chestnut
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This species of wood no longer grows in the American forests. Any Chestnut wood today come from old structure, barns and industrial buildings build before the Chestnut blight in the early 20th century. Re-sawn beams and re-milled...
Custom Two-Tone Brown Maple Bedroom Furniture
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Gorgeous design by our customer. Look at the detail in the construction. These hand-made, solid wood pieces are made in Amish workshops by men who have honed their craft for years.
5" Rift-Quartered #1 Common White Oak Flooring
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In plain sawing floor grain patterns are open and swirly, but the grain in rift and quarter sawn flooring (frequently sold in this combination) is tight and has greater toughness and dimensional stability, and for this reason, it is often used for radiant...
Custom Maple Furniture
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Did we mention that we make solid-wood furniture? Custom or floor model we have access to furniture for every room. See our website for our gallery. www.hhardwoods.com
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This is a closed grain wood with more distinct grain patterns, more contrast and deeper color overall than Maple. Occasional curly or wavy grain patterns will appear in some boards. It is just slightly lower in hardness and stability than Red Oak,...
New Heart Pine
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This is the modern grade of Southern Yellow Pine closest to the Heart Pine of the 19th century -- products which were milled from the “old growth” trees that ranged up to three hundred years old and which featured the small growth rings and hardness...
Wire-Brushed Reclaimed Teak
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This reclaimed teak wood flooring originates from teak beams reclaimed from the deconstruction of antique buildings in Indonesia. Teak has the distinction of being revered as the "royal wood". Reclaimed by hand from historic buildings, these floors exhibit...
Antique Heart Pine
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The Southern Yellow Heart Pine of the 19th and early 20th centuries was manufactured from “first growth” long-leaf pine trees which may have grown for up to 300 years. The enormous trees had extensive heartwood with smaller growth rings and today...
Walnut Flooring
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American Black Walnut is by far the deepest color of any of the American hardwoods. The grain is closed , similar to cherry or maple, although some boards will have burled or curly grain. The heartwood ranges from a deep, rich brown to a purplish black....
Wide Plank Rustic White Oak
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Rustic Grade White Oak provides a high degree of natural characteristics including frequent knots, color variation and distinctive grain patterns.
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Numerous varieties of Maple trees are prevalent in northern American forests. Hard Maple (Sugar Maple or Black Maple) make the best flooring, but soft Maple, which is less costly, is also used, but requires protection with throw rugs or runners in...
Rift-Quartered, Select White Oak
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In plain sawn flooring, grain patterns are open and swirly, but as in Red Oak, the grain in rift and quarter sawn flooring (frequently sold in this combination) is tight and has greater toughness and dimensional stability, and for this reason, it is...
Eastern White Pine
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Wide boards are the benchmark of #3 Premium Grade Eastern White Pine furnished by Housatonic Hardwoods. Normal production comes in widths of 12” to 20”, dominantly white in color with small and large dark-colored knots scattered throughout the...
Character White Oak Hardwood Flooring
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White Oak flooring is second only to Red Oak in frequency of use. It is just slightly softer than northern Red oak, but with less variation between southern and northern production. The heartwood is light brown and sapwood can be white to cream so...
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