Steam punk vanity upcycle midcentury-bathroom

Steam punk vanity upcycle

We are planning to remodel this bathroom completely in a few years, and wanted to do an 'in the meantime' update. This left the door open for me to do something playful and out of the ordinary. The bathroom had 1950s pink and blue tile, and blue damask style wallpaper on three of the walls, so I painted the remaining wall hot glossy pink. The whole space was starting to get a little too girly after this, so I decided to shake things up a bit, by introducing an industrial/steam punk edge to the space.

I have an abiding love of all things industrial, having grown up playing among the ship construction yards near my childhood home. Add to this an enjoyment of the 'My Fair Lady meets Barbarella' playfulness of steam punk, and you have my inspiration for this project.
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