Hommage & Trésors de Jouy modern-living-room

Hommage & Trésors de Jouy

Furniture: Marshall Looseback Chair BR-2475 in Grove Texture, color Mist 8013140-15, Rivoli Sofa BR-A9110 in Bois De Rose, color Aqua/Taupe 8013129-516, Directoire Fauteuil Chair BR-A3007 in Grove Texture, color Tan 8013140-16, Baltimore Armless Chairs BR-2138 in Hinsdale Woven Stripe, color Sand/Mist BR-89539-156; Pillows: Cascade Ottoman, color Glacier 8013137-15,Cascade Strie, color Tan 8013138-16 & Sourire De Soie Cable on Tape, color Cafe Au Lait BR-30411-803, Sea Vine, color Wheat 8013136-16 & Belluno Cord with Flyer, color White BR-39104-000; Carpet: Studio Key in Timber Dust; Pair of 19th Century English Drum Tables & Artwork by Marc Lambrechts titled Blue Night, 2010 & Blue Lagoon, 2006 Bali Courtesy of Jonathan Burden; French Art Deco Wood and Shagreen Table Courtesy of Michael Smith; Side Table from the "Record" Series by Axel Einar Hjorth Courtesy of Gallery BAC; Water Jar Table Lamps in Wood Mushroom Glaze, Paper Parchment Lampshade in Empire Cant. Courtesy of SCDS, Ltd.; Post-War American Geometric Bronze Forms titled Bust 1 & Bust 2 by Mike Walsh Courtesy of Newel New York; Yumiko Kuga Vases Courtesy Bermingham Antiques.
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