Consigned Antique Chinese Geometrical Bookcase Display

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Item #: CF109B-0
Dimensions (inches): 63.25H x 31.50W x 18.25D
Comment: An attractive Chinese Display China Curio Cabinet Bookcase in elm from the Shanxi Province with Antique Doors made from an antique window screen with an interesting repetitive geometric pattern.
Origin: Shanxi Province, China
Date: 1900
Material: ELM
Elm is one of the most commonly used woods in China due to its resistance to decay, attractive grains, and the ease with which it can be carved and used for a variety of purposes. Typically, Chinese elm blends a yellowish brown sapwood with a much bolder heartwood, so the pieces tend to contain a great deal of contrast, but elm from southern regions can be darker in color and are a bit harder. There are several sub-categories of elm found throughout China, but they are all easy to work with and were used by both wealthy people and middle class people.
Condition: RESTORED
Chinese homes were open to the elements to a much greater degree than homes in the Western world, and often did not have wooden floors. For this reason, it is highly likely that any antique Chinese piece of furniture on the market today has been restored. This particular item has been professionally restored, which may mean that some areas have been rebuilt or replaced, some hardware may not be original, and the piece has been refinished on either the interior, the exterior, or both.
Item Specifics: This piece has been newly created using old wood in order to showcase the doors, which were originally part of an antique architectural window screen. The piece has been professionally clear coat refinished.
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Mark: EuroLux Home
Elaborate repeating or overlapping geometrical patterns were often used on Antique Chinese Window Screens and on the edges of Antique Chinese Furniture. A range of shapes from curves and circles to triangles, squares, trapezoids, and hexagons have been found. While beautiful and mesmerizing to the eye, these patterns also symbolized lasting and unbroken prosperity and the concept of infinity.
Subject Keywords: Geometric Patterns
Style: Late Qing Dynasty LATE QING DYNASTY
Late Qing Dynasty
For centuries in Chinese culture, furniture was only used by the elite and high-ranking government officials. Toward the end of the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368 - 1644), there was a shift in class structure as a rising merchant class had more wealth to purchase furniture for their own homes, and this trend continued during the Qing Dynasty (AD 1645 - 1911). As furniture was seen as a status symbol for this merchant class, and especially under the influence of the Manchurian Emperor Qianlong, furniture became more and more ornately carved with geometrical patterns and animal and botanical symbols, which conveyed messages to the viewer. Late Qing Dynasty Antique Chinese Furniture is known as the people's furniture, and is also called Antique Chinese Country furniture or Antique Vernacular Chinese Furniture, and is made from softwoods such as elm and walnut. It is both attractive and functional, and in some cases should be considered Folk Art.
Object: Cabinet

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