Kichler 21H32WH 12"L Pure White 3,200K High Output LED Indoor Damp Tape Light in

Highly versatile and customizable, the TaskWork LED Tape Lighting system has a solution for your lighting problem. Available for indoor dry, indoor damp or outdoor wet settings, these LED tape lights are available in a variety of light output levels, colors and lengths. The TaskWork system is easy to install or modify and the LEDs are very energy efficient.200 Lumens foot 4 Watts foot Expected life 50,000 hours Sections can connect together end-to-end or be used individually Once tape has been cut, the excess cannot be reused Tape can be cut every 4" and reconnected 3M professional grade adhesive for an easy peel-and-stick installation UL indoor damp location rated IP65 rated Clear silicone coating for added protection against moisture Pure White 3,200K High Output LEDSocket 1 Base: Medium Socket 1 Max Wattage: 100

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