Neptune | Kara Mass-Air/Activ-Air Combo Tub

Made in Quebec, Canada by Neptune. Visit our Neptune Bathtub Buying Guide to help you determine which tub is right for you. The Kara Mass-Air/Activ-Air Combo Tub will make you a believer in luxury tubs. This multi-function massage tub will soothe aches and pains created from the stress of everyday life. This lavish tub combines the activ-air tub system which uses warm air that is injected into the water creating thousands of massaging bubbles with the mass-air system, which propels water through injectors located on the bottom and backrest of the tub for an embracing cushion of air bubbles. Together these two systems create the pinnacle of sophisticated bathing. Product Features:
*Includes 47 Activ-Air micro-jets, 11 Mass-Air injectors, two Optima blowers 750W (1.5 h.p.) with 300W heating element and backlit electronic control
*Hygienic- 20 minutes after use a drying cycle activates to clean and dry all conduits, eliminating risk of mold or bacteria
*Foot drain positioning
*Adjustable jet intensity
*Made from acrylic which is resistant to cracking and chipping
*Complies with the following standards/codes: CSA or Warnock-Hersey certification

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