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Beach Hut ideas

So this is the little hut I bought as a stop-gap, for I needed another hut. £6,000 got a completely different beach hut., nearby...traditional shape but still a tiny 9x7 foot footprint for day use only hut at Barton On Sea, which got my usual treament so it would satisfy my man cave aspirations. I insulated, ventilated and heated the space with a perspex frontage to allow year round slumbering. The LaFuma chairs are the best I have encountered, and can still be found cheaper at car boot sales if you are lucky. A special space for meditative seperateness from the world. A place to cover your exposure to wind, rain and sun, and uncover those greater threats that come from time to time from nowhere to unseat you or your other interests, once you can see round corners, that is..And with my new found reclinations I suddenly could see dangers in the ether.
Things you can read are about usually are pushed to us from the centre. Idealists who have been disaffected maybe see only from the edges in. When you reject the 6 o'clock news format you become aware of.the really tricky stuff . This you have to reverse engineer, because only crazies would do that to second guess news about people like Mengele who haunt the programs of democratic Governments. The justificationis easily understood: because "we" have to be tougher than "they". "They" also know this stuff and care not to protect islands in the seas of trouble, the peaceful asylums creative people seek to recover from the harshness of the world. Writers are not rewarded. No evidence. No corroboration. No audience.
Writers really need a beach hut to regroup their ideas, regroup their "evidence", look for patterns others may have missed. I have found plenty. For some reason what I do next with what I know is useful to someone.
So stay away from this, it is just slipped in here to try to get on the record. Again. Pass it on, that is all you need do.
Don't believe me? Google Will Filer and "NSA" and "sneeze".
We all need places like this, but when you find one...lie about what or where it is, or your sanctuary will be turned against you. A place you will be "sent" whilst the rest of you is bent to another mast.
If someone says to you "where do you really feel safe"...that is just the beginning. Trust me.
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