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Joseph Campo

09-12-12. The VIVADOME™
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The Vivadome is a state of the art self-sustaining survival structure designed to solve many of the inherent problems encountered relating to building a survival bunker as they are built today as well as in the past. The survival shelter of the Vivadome is only one aspect of its overall essence. It provides a new way for people to live in a fashion that has never happened prior to now. A good description for the Vivadome is “Bio-Dynamic Living”.
A new way to live/ not a home/ it is the future beyond a home/ a new living environment that is totally selfsustaining. The Vivadome is naturally heated and cooled by the earth through a combination of geothermal dynamics in tandem with the physical components of the structural frame of the Vivadome, serving as a natural solar powered heating and cooling radiator. We employ photo-voltaic solar panels to provide the electrical component for the Vivadome; consequently the Vivadome is totally non- reliant on the grid and the public utilities. This is huge! As this is a breakthrough based on the natural physical properties of our planet. Simplicity is always the most reliant factor in many mechanical systems. (There are no moving parts).
The Geodesic dome was invented by Buckminster Fuller in 1945. It was met with great success and was definitely light years ahead of its time. With the available technology of Fuller’s era the dome was structurally the strongest shape in the world and the most space efficient as compared to other structures of its time. The geodesic dome however was inefficient in the fact that it was very difficult to heat and cool in any economic manner as well as it was constrained with space and height limitations. The height was equal to the surface radius of the dome; therefore the greater the radius the equivalent in height (Example A): A 50.00’ radius = 7850 SFT of living space with an overall height of 50.00’ (Example B) A 75.00’ radius = 17662 SFT of living space and an overall height of 75.00’, as one can see the height is now becoming a problem in relation to the square footage yield for one story.
The Vivadome (The dome of Life) has taken the geodesic dome to an entirely new level in the fact that we have solved both the heating and cooling problem and the height ratio problem of the geodesic dome and have created a new dome structure in its entirety. A good description of the Viva dome in relation to the geodesic dome would be the Vivadome is a stretch version of the geodesic dome (by doing the stretch design we have accomplished and solved the height to radius ratio problem of the geodesic dome). The Vivadome is not limited by any height restrictions and its square footage is unlimited with an overall height of 25.00’. We have added as many as 4 different levels within the Vivadome as well by using free floating terraces. This enables us to provide open area terraces without tying into the exterior frame of the Vivadome which would compromise its structural integrity. Structurally we have exceeded the structural strength of the geodesic dome by the advent of a new connector hub which allows us to add a flexible component to the frame, therefore increasing its ability to absorb impact and instantly redistribute the structural loads through the use of tensegrity again taken to a new level. . (The tensegrity laws in combination with the flexible hub = a new principle in structural engineering) The flexible connector hub opens up a new dimension for the dome, it allows us to use the struts as conduits which enables the whole dome structure to act as a network (capillaries) to transfer both hot and cold air and water to heat and cool the interior atmosphere of the dome naturally (hot air rises/cold air falls). This enables one to completely control the interior atmosphere of the dome with absolutely no cost. This features opens up a new world, as we can now create any atmosphere on demand naturally, thus allowing the Vivadome to house any environment. Examples: A tropical rain forest, A sub-tropical environment, A Mediterranean environment, A hardwood forest, A pine forest, High desert, Sonoran desert to name a few examples. The boundaries of your imagination are the only limits. The options are endless. The flexible joint also allows the frame to move and flex with external and internal forces (Examples of extreme forces and pressure) Explosive impact, Earthquake, Hurricane, High winds, Floods, Tsunamis, Heavy snow loads).
The shape of the Vivadome incorporates the following features. It is extremely aerodynamic and goes with the flow of the external forces of air pressure as opposed to opposing the forces, (Again, a natural design principle). A natural water harvester: the shape creates a natural water shed. All rainwater is captured efficiently and naturally and is stored via a perimeter trough in underground gray water tanks for use on watering the interior plants, crops and trees as well as it can be filtered for potable water. Again this is a natural process and is only possible due to the unique shape of the Vivadome.
A living environment that incorporates the following benefits.
1. A totally natural living environment.
2. A state of the art survival shelter
3. A totally self-sustaining living environment.
4. Nearly maintenance free.
5. Meets and exceeds International Residential building Code. IRC 2012.
6. Meets and exceeds International Energy Conservation Code. IECC 2012.
7. Supplies its energy demands naturally.
8. Builds rapidly. EXAMPLE: a 6000 SFT VIVADOME, construction time “Eight Weeks”.
9. Very affordable and cost efficient.
EXAMPLE: a 6000 SFT VIVADOME = $250,000.00. $41.67 per SFT, Virtually unheard of !!!
10. Can be built on any type of land (can turn a desert into an oasis).

1. A garden area a vineyard and an orchard.
2. Water ponds for fish and aquatic life.
3. Botanical and serenity garden.
4. Japanese garden bridge.
5. A designated EMF room (half dome multi- purpose room).
6. A Nuclear- Biological and Chemical air filtration system for 100% pure air.
7. Emergency communications center.
8. Children’s cottages.
9. State of the art sound system (the interior shape of the Vivadome is a natural acoustical chamber).
10. Misting system for humidity control.
11. Watering system for the plant life.
12. A stage lighting system for sound and light shows and ambiance.
13. A stage and art center for the children.
14. A combination half pipe (skateboarding) and a climbing gym. Great exercise area.
15. A Waterslide for the whole family.
16. An apiary for honey and the bees for pollination.

The above features are built into the Vivadome model; however the features list is
endless depending on your own life style, taste and desires.
It’s about, water, earth, sun, the stars, air, color, plants, trees, fish, animals, birds and the bees, sound and peace.
• A new way for man to live in total harmony with nature and our planet.
• A new way to re distribute the global population
• A way to turn a desert into an oasis, a living paradise
• An affordable lifestyle, energy free.
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