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African Anklet Wall Sconces, Close eclectic

African Anklet Wall Sconces, Close

This project is especially wonderful. Not only does it illustrate one of the most exciting types—found object fixtures—of custom work Artisan Crafted Lighting produces, it is also a supreme example of how our custom lighting design services function:
1. The client provided us with images of six rare African anklets that were to become wall sconces; 2. We received drawings of how the client envisioned the anklets incorporated into the design; 3. We connected with one of our artists who rendered a schematic for client approval; 4. Our artist provided glass samples as options for the diffuser portion of the wall sconce; 5. After approval, our artist went into production and sent us progress photos along the way. 6. The completed product was shipped to the client! To see these wall sconces in person, take a trip to Montana Star Light Resort in Montana.
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