Deck and Balcony Design with LED Lighting traditional porch

Deck and Balcony Design with LED Lighting

Design with dimmable soft white LED Lighting for outdoor deck lighting from Our Super Flat LED rope light was installed under the deck railings and up each of the stairs going up to the deck.

We offer brilliant daylight white flat LED light ropes as well as warm white LED rope light, as shown in the picture. We use high quality LEDs for excellent color and high brightness, and flat LED rope light dims flawlessly on recommended pulse dimmers and dimming drivers. LED Super Flat Rope light is ideally suited for longer runs (up to 65 feet) for decorative or accent lighting indoors and out!

It is very energy efficient - only 1.5 watts per foot! Feel free to contact at (888) 880-1880 if you need detailed installation instructions, design criteria and specifications.
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