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“Sioux Quartzite” is one of the world’s hardest stones. In fact, it’s nearly as hard as a diamond and can also cut glass like a diamond. Geologists tell us that the stone was formed nearly 1.4 billion years ago during a metamorphic process of heat and pressure. The quartzite in the Sioux Falls area typically is a dusty rose or mauve color but can vary in color from a light pink to a deep purple depending on the quarry’s depth and location. The stone can be found from the Wisconsin Dells right through to central South Dakota.

Most importantly, remember this is a natural stone. Man, in his infinite wisdom, has developed methods of producing cultured stone as well as integrating/imbedding stone with concrete attempting to duplicate the beauty of natural stone. For those who truly appreciate the uniqueness and craftsmanship of a natural product, it simply does not compare.
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