Mango Tree Clipper Bird House

You get to choose your neighbors if you have the Mango Tree Clipper Bird House to your backyard. This smart birdhouse is hand-sculpted from the sustainably harvested wood of a mango tree. Hand-turned by artisans, dried in kilns fueled by mango wood shavings, and then polyurethaned for durability, this house is perfect for small cavity nesting birds. It also features a removable roof for easy seasonal cleaning easy and has draining holes at the bottom keep the nest dry. Choose a size just right for Chickadees or Bluebirds.About Byer Manufacturing:Founded in 1880 by a Russian immigrant family, Byer Manufacturing began as a company that made slippers and textile products. In 1925 they began crafting wood frame folding cots and by the 1950s the company was focused on producing knapsacks, duffels, and continued to build cots for both military and civilian uses. In 1999, the current owner visited the outdoor furniture show for Europe, the Spoga Trade Fair, and was introduced to the beautiful and colorful world of Brazilian hammocks. Over the years, Byer Manufacturing began to make more hammocks and hanging chairs, as well as cots, stools, camp furniture, and much more. Sourcing products from all over the world, Byer Manufacturing remains committed to the same quality and passion that began their company over 100 years ago.

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