Edward Neer
Interior Designers & Decorators
R-67 Waterfall landscape

R-67 Waterfall

The primary focal point of the property is this waterfall created by Edward and his team. Using the natural cliffs, original to the property, the upper and lower walking paths and fish ponds were built. Weeks of labor jacking through bedrock and then hand carrying the debris away from the property were endured to create the large 4.5' deep lower pond at the base of the falls. Remote control pumps allow different speeds for the waterfall and can be controlled using key fobs while enjoying the view from the boat on the lake. This feature allows for intimate conversations with the serene sounds of a bubbling brook or the dramatic roar of gushing falls.
Edward designed the pond to autofill using natural water from the lake and the properties irrigation system. This allowed for constant pond balance without the need for chemicals and increased plant and fish health.
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