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Fewer Efficient Workstations save Space eclectic-kitchen

Fewer Efficient Workstations save Space

The Spaces between each piece are key features of the 'Green' story. Beside hiding the 'Hot' appliances, independent workstations allow rooms that have different functions to blend together well. Note here how the flooring, ceiling and wall materials and colors between each piece unify an entire room (the living area is behind the camera).These spaces can also be used to personalize the kitchen by displaying artwork, large plants (like here) antiques or just a place for the dog's water bowl. This loft like floor plan can save space because the typical exposed messy kitchen is concealed in beautiful pieces of furniture. Gone are the wall to wall cabinets and counter tops that make typical kitchens look more like science laboratories. Do we really want to look at a laboratory from a living area or dining area? Instead, the more formal, sculptural appearance of REAL furniture can eliminate the need for separate formal spaces. And that saves space.
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