Loft Horizon Sand Beach Polished 2x16 Glass Tile

Loft Horizon Sand Beach Polished 2x16 Glass Tile Make your back splash the kitchens, bathroom or decorated room focal point by using the striking 2x16 tile. Add some color and style to your decor! This should give it a more distinct look. These glass tiles will add a durable lasting beauty and value to your bathroom, kitchen, fireplace, or pool installation. The color is painted on the back of the tile so it will not scratch or chip off. You can also use this as a finishing or border of your project. Chip Size: 2"x16" Color: Beige Material: Glass Finish: Polished Sold by the Unit - 1 Unit=1.1 Sq. ft. (5 pieces) Thickness: 8mm - Glass Tile -

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