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Show garden SFS 2010 contemporary-landscape

Show garden SFS 2010

Awarded Show Garden at Southport Flower Show 2010

What is a show garden? It is an exhibit, just like a dress at a fashion show. Most show gardens are constructed to last only for the duration of the show and can often be themed. This particular season at Southport Flower Show that lasted 4 days all the gardens were to follow the theme Coastal garden, thus the name of this particular show garden was Coastal Promise. It featured a silver door half open that stood as a sculptural element that represented a 'promise that stands behind the door'. The mood and the planting were deliberately set to support that promise of a coastal retreat waiting just behind the door. The calming silvery water glistened in the sunshine and reflected the glow such that the whole garden looked magical - that part was hard to capture in a photograph as the weather was mostly cloudy and wet throughout the show and the glow from the reflection strong during the time the sun was out.

The hammock was large, inviting and could comfortably support two people lounging while the wind was whispering through the nearby grasses and sheer curtains behind. The whole construction (except the door and hammock) was made of natural materials and reclaimed wood.
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