Green Faience Vase, c. 1880-1900

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Green faience urn-shaped vase features a hand-painted floral design of red and white rosebuds and roses in full bloom. The bottom of the vase bears the imprinted letters P, O, and B and the number 1587 and the stamped name ST CLOUD. 7Dia. x 13T. From France.Historical BackgroundFaience, a French term for tin-glazed earthenware popular in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, was used as a general term around 1610 and probably derived its name from the town of Faenza in Italy. Faience was lightly baked earthenware (usually of a buff or pale red color) covered with white enamel or glaze, which gave it the appearance of porcelain. Unfortunately, tin glaze does not fuse well with the earthenware body, and as a result most tin glazes are prone to chipping. The faience industry, which was widespread in France, reached its peak in the first three-quarters of the 18th century and then declined due to porcelain and creamware imports. It did, however, survive in many provincial areas, particularly in Quimper.

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