Wusthof Classic 9 Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set

Every master needs the tools of his trade, and for amateur and professional chefs alike, the Wusthof Classic 9 Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set is a must-have set of tools for the kitchen. The beautiful laminated wood knife block contains an optimum set of knives and accessories for any kitchen, including a pair of kitchen shears and a sharpening steel. Six of the most popular Wusthof blades are included to help you deal with many specialized kitchen knife needs. You can count on Wusthof knives for ultra-sharp, easy-to-care-for blades and sturdy construction. The dishwasher-safe knives are made from one piece of steel, so you can use them as often as you like and you won't end up with wobbly handles. The long-lasting manmade knife grip is matte black to camouflage scratches and subtly shaped to fit your hand comfortably as you work. These knives were designed with help from professional chefs. Time for the master to go to work (that's you).Set includes:3-inch paring knife3.5-inch paring knife6-inch sandwich knife8-inch carving knife8-inch bread knife8-inch cooks knife9-inch sharpening steel8-inch come-apart kitchen shears13-slot hardwood block

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