Sub Aquatic Series

Green Lotus: 19" x 19" x 7"

Artwork by: Michelle Hamilton / Zaximo Studios

The Sub Aquatic series is Michelle's latest works investigating the radial symmetry found in the sea. Michelle's primary focus is fused glass vessels and forms. They provide rhythm to the balance of material and soul. This current body of work investigates the skeletal cups of sea anemone, the feathery tentacles on aquatic medusa and the radial symmetry found in sea fans. Of particular interest is the formation of shadowing and negative spaces created with the layering of multiple vessels stacked and balanced.

Translucent and opaque colors are used to create loft and additional depth that not only celebrates the alluring draw of glass but also creates the illusion of a new material that softens the surface with a skin like quality. Finally, the manifestation of floating off the table surface once again pays homage to the subaquatic essence found in sea fans and the umbrella shaped body of the medusa.

Each item is made of hand cut and slumped and fused glass. Items are either clear or sand blasted for texture and detail.

Order one of these unique items for your home. When ordered each item is made specifically for you. Custom commissions are available upon request. Items may vary depending on color and item details. Additional cost may also apply.

Size : 19" x 19" x 7"

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