Bad Ash2 Fireplace Vacuum

Fireplace vac sweeps up ash into a metal container, so no blowing dust gets on your furnishings. Bad Ash2 Fireplace Vacuum comes with a durable aluminum hose and crevice tool for easy cleaning. You can also use the Bad Ash2 Fireplace Vacuum in your workshop to clean up saw dust, broken glass, nails and more. The self-contained Bad Ash2 Fireplace Vacuum lets you clean up fireplace ash easily. Hand sweep your fireplace with a broom, and you'll have dust and ash blowing over everything! Instead, use the Bad Ash2 Fireplace Vacuum, the only electric fireplace vac with HEPA filtration to capture even fine particles of soot. This bagless fireplace vac uses strong suction power to sweep up cold ash, cat litter, sheet rock material, even moist debris like potting soil. The fireplace vacuum's metal container is easily emptied and washed, plus the Bad Ash2 Fireplace Vacuum includes a crevice tool to reach corners and cracks. Benefits of the Bad Ash2 Fireplace Vacuum:

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