Drinkwell Pet Fountain

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Drinkwell Pet Fountain is perfectly sized for cats or small dogs. This pet fountain is easy to take apart for cleaning. Lever adjusts the flow of water into the pet fountain. Optional 50-oz. (6-1/4 cups) reservoir increases the Drinkwell® Pet Fountain's capacity to 100 ounces (12-1/2 cups). Ideal for single-pet households, the Drinkwell Pet Fountain provides a fresh stream of filtered water. The free-falling stream encourages your cat or dog to drink more water, helping them to stay healthy by keeping them hydrated. This pet fountain also circulates the water through a large charcoal filter to remove bad tastes and odors, so water won't stagnate as it sits in the bowl. With the Drinkwell Pet Fountain, you won't have to change water as frequently, and the submersible pump ensures nearly silent operation. A sloped receiving ramp helps prevent water from splashing out, while rubber feet keep the pet fountain from sliding on your floor. Keep your pet fountain filled longer by adding the 50-oz. (6-1/4 cups) reservoir (sold separately). The water reservoir will also help keep the Drinkwell Pet Fountain motor from running dry, which could damage it. Benefits of the Drinkwell Pet Fountain: Optional 50-oz. (6-1/4 cups) reservoir increases the Drinkwell Pet Fountain's capacity to 100 ounces (12-1/2 cups)

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