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Libratone Libratone Zipp Portable WIFI Speaker

HI-FI Audio Quality
High-end components such as ribbon-based tweeters, digital signal processing and digital amplification provide premium sound. Apple Lossless technology ensures a perfect transfer from a music source to the Libratone Zipp.
Ease Of Use
Connected to a Wi-Fi network or not, Libratone Zipp is immediately ready to deliver a high-quality audio experience, anytime, anywhere thanks to the built-in battery, PlayDirect and AirPlay technology. Just remember to turn on your Libratone Zipp before you start streaming.
PlayDirect̫ Wireless Sound, To Go
PlayDirect is wireless sound straight out of the box. Just press Play on your iDevice or computer to start streaming your music. PlayDirect needs no Wi-Fi network or prior setup. Setting your music free has never been easier.
Solid Wireless Range
Play your music wirelessly everywhere. Simply ensure your music source has a functioning WiFi-network and is within reach of your speaker. Apple Lossless technology ensures a faultless transfer of sound via AirPlay or PlayDirect.
Made for Apple̫ But Works With PCs as Well
Libratone Zipp is designed to enhance the experience of Apple products. It works with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch but, as long as you have iTunes 10.1 or above, you are good to go, no matter if it's on a Mac or your PC.
Multi-Room Streaming
Stream simultaneously to multiple Libratone speakers to fill your house with sound. Control everything in iTunes on your computer.
App Control
Provide the free Libratone app with a few bits of information to get software updates and a personalized sound experience.
No Remotes Necessary
With Libratone Zipp you won't have any extra remotes lying around. Everything is controlled from your iDevice, Mac/PC, or even your TV remote (if you connect AUX style through the 'headphone out' on your TV set).
Connected Freedom
If you prefer to play your music the old-fashioned way, connect to Libratone Zipp via the 3.5mm stereo jack or a USB plug.
Inner Workings
This is a full 2.1 stereo system with FullRoom technology and DSP optimization. A four-inach bass and two one-inch ribbon based tweeters deliver the sound.
One Sound Source. A Room Full of Sound.
Libratone speakers are based on several patent-pending audio technologies. We call it FullRoom̫ sound. Allow us to explain: Regular speakers have closed cabinets. They push the sound waves in one direction - forward. This means that you need two speakers, preferably placed in an angle pointing at the same place in the middle of the room to create a so-called 'sweet spot' - a spot where the sound is optimal. And this in turn means that you have to succumb to this symmetrical dictatorship of stereo, when you furnish your house.
Libratone speakers, on the other hand, play like acoustic instruments, dispersing sound waves in multiple directions, reflecting them off the walls. This eliminates the sweet spot and gives you a 360��_ sound experience. To get a bit more technical, inside the cabinets each driver unit is driven by a dedicated audiophile amplifier and each dedicated to spreading sound in a specific direction. This setup means that the system both spreads the sound and encapsulates you in it.
How Sound is Supposed to Sound
We believe that speaker cables belong in the 90's. The future is wireless. But if you think no cables means poor sound, you're sorely mistaken. Our sound easily matches the quality of cable-connected speakers. Even 'golden ear' listeners can't tell our wireless audio apart from uncompressed wired audio. Due to the Apple Lossless technology, the digital signal processing, and the high-end components, your audio experience is absolutely safe with us.

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