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A visual transformation turning an existing White Castle looking structure into a residential sculpture. Strong expressive forms create a dynamic statement of privacy from the street side. The Cor-ten steel door and cantilevered stainless steel deck define the entry. Solidity and weight reinforce the transition from the hectic outside world to the serene yet dynamic internal space.

Sculpting the exterior, windows are located to capture valued treetop and Hollywood Hill views. Placement disperses ample natural light throughout the interiors while screening out any sign of the adjacent neighborhood.

Angled and sloped interior walls promote a dynamic spatial flow between the internal spaces. Sunlight washing across walls, floors and ceilings emit a balanced light creating a calm, soft, internal space well sheltered from the hectic and harsh L.A. lifestyle. Angled walls reveal the artwork from adjacent rooms providing distant viewing and spatial continuity. Simple and strong details articulate the interior spaces providing clean and confident lines throughout the home.

Continuous charcoal-gray floors ground absolute white walls and ceilings, a simple color scheme designed as a clean backdrop for the extensive art collection. Ambient areas cast subtle hints of green from backlit-etched glass while a fiery red island countertop demarks a strong focal point in both color and activity.

Cantilevered etched glass illuminates a secluded pool area with a detached private theater. The rollup stainless steel door allows for an indoor-outdoor Hollywood movie premier.

Photo: Couture Architecture, Living Abode, Megan, James
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