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ASID Award Contributions

Kitchen Breakfast Entertaining Area - ASID OC Home Award Winner
Gold Award, 2001 Best House Under 3,000 square feet.

Interior Designer, the late Stephen L. Stein of SLS Designs, Inc. of Laguna Beach, CA.

We created multi-layered specialty wall & ceiling glazings in deep barky greens as a backdrop to Steve's exquisitely set furnishings, window coverings & accessories. The fireplace mantle was given a warm leathery treatment as a rustic aging to what once was white.

Congratulations to Steve for winning yet another ASID Design Award for this project. It's always an honor to play a supportive role in co-creating award-winning spaces.

And finally, I wish to honor Steve Stein for being so open in the process of collaborating with his artisans. It was he who taught me, "A designer is only as good as his or her resources." So true. And so very trusting. You will be greatly missed and always in our hearts, Steve. xo

PS: Since this Award, we have returned to this home to perform minor touchups after the years of wear and art replacement. We were hired by the 5th owner. All of the finishes throughout this home remain intact, even after so many owners. In fact, once all of the furnishings & decor were removed, it was the quality of the finishes in the backdrop that sold the home to the next 4 buyers. Our newest client (the 5th owner) hired us to do a tuneup on the finishes in order to put on the market again!

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