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Wall Glazing.  Okay...Okay.  It's the finer Faux. mediterranean

Wall Glazing. Okay...Okay. It's the finer Faux.

Hall Walls Before

This home was built by Christopher Homes in their super custom division in Las Vegas. It turned out, this home was their "gem" of that division. They sent the best of their best building specialists, Chris Baker, to oversee from ground up to completion. Chris became our dear friend; his walk-throughs were frequent. As a specialist in his field, he'd been building since the 1960's. When asked what was his favorite project, he replied, "This one".

One day, when we were just completing this hallway all the way at the other end; Chris dropped in. I saw his large football-player frame step into the front gallery and pause to look around. He just stood and sort of shrunk; his shoulders sagged a few inches. His long approach towards us was slow as he looked at every inch of the newly faux finished walls. His body appeared to shrink as he got closer. When he finally stood in front of me, he looked so sad. "I was so proud of this house, until I see now that I merely built a shell. You just brought it to life." Chris brought a dear friend by, another builder, to see the house. When I asked Chris later why this man kept stopping in, he replied, "Brian doesn't get to see this kind of craftsmanship very often. It's rare. He came to see your work". Brian was currently building Steve Wynn's brother's 20,0000 sq ft house across town. I had no idea he was making those trips exclusively to view our walls. What an honor.

We were just doing what we love to do. This was one of my favorites too.

Please visit our project files for more views into what can be done in the backdrops of fine design with special finishes, faux painting, wall glazing, trompe l'oeil artwork, gilding, venetian plasters and so much more. Conscious design - visit Jackie Coburn's Interior Art for our award-winning artistic creations. We hope to inspire you through conscious design!

Interior Designer, Adel Forsythe
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