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40th Annual Landscape Awards Program, Columbus, Ohio

40th Annual Landscape Awards Program, Columbus, Ohio

Commercial Maintenance, Merit Award by Brickman, Columbus, OH. Proper maintenance for this 15,000 square foot living roof is crucial to the greywater system, which filters rainwater to a basement tank for use in the building’s operations. Due to this, the use of chemicals to treat the area is very limited. This bird’s eye view demonstrates the scope of the project atop the roof of an eight-story structure. Bi-weekly maintenance visits require materials, supplies and equipment to be transported via the elevator. In the spring, the allium blooms and leaves begin to display color. Crews assigned to this location are restricted in uniform to prevent seed transfers from other sites. The delicate balance of plant species and irrigation systems must be monitored closely. Designated walkways allow crew members to work quickly when cleaning the beds and spreading seeds to encourage new germination.
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