40th Annual Landscape Awards Program, Columbus, Ohio traditional-landscape

40th Annual Landscape Awards Program, Columbus, Ohio

Residential Maintenance, Grand Award by Brickman, Columbus, Ohio. Situated on nearly 3 acres of rolling landscape, this maintenance contract location requires rigorous care with special attention to detail. Crews provide full-service for this home, including lawn maintenance, overall plant health care, lighting monitoring, seasonal color displays and clean-up. The elaborate driveway is a combination of dry-laid limestone and clay bricks and is kept weed-free through diligent treatments. Mechanical edgers ensure that hard surfaces retain their crisp appearance. The focal point of the driveway is the existing parterre garden, which has been improved by sharpening the edges of plant structures and implementing consistent mulching and weeding practices. Seasonal annual displays punch up the entryway and front gate with bright colors and immaculate bed lines. As you progress toward the rear of the property, the atmosphere shifts from formal to more naturalistic. Stone slabs angle down the slope through lush perennials, inviting visitors to explore this sweeping residence even further.
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