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Original, The Key by Jacqueline Coburn

Specialty Commissions & Giclee

Commissioned by L Space Ladies Swimwear. An artistic respresentation of what it is to be feminine. Bringing the art of high-end swimwear design to the fine artistic expression of the beauty of the female form together.

I paint landscapes, figurative and still life by private commission. I have a broad range of painting style from realism to impressionistic to abstract & sensual art. I love to paint children. There is a timeless dreaminess I like to capture in their moments of curiosity. Because children, florals & landscapes are such natural creations, the light that can be viewed from either can be transportive, peaceful and kind.

I paint florals because I love them. When I'm not painting figurative (people), the roses bring me levity, joy and wonderment. I get lost in the petals, the flowers are all in relationship with each other in a bouquet. By the time the painting is complete, the flowers have become like old friends.

I paint bouquets that have sat in on special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, birthing rooms, even death of a loved one. The roses tell a story of the day. They share the energy of the situation they sat in on. They share the energy of the love, nostalgia, celebration. Throughout the special event, each petal records the laughter, relationships joy and love felt in the room. Then I bring them to my studio and get started with my paintbrushes to translate the stories from the petals to the canvas.

I work with energy & light. Through the painting, the energies of each subject (be it a floral, child or landscape) are captured and recorded through a process I call shamanic energy art. Between Artist & Client, intentions, dreams and light are set forth into the painting. It's quite a process. My client's intentions & prayers are energetically imprinted through every brushstroke. With the florals, I paint the canvas with vibrational and energetic qualities of happiness, joy, peace & love that was felt and recorded by the bouquet during the special occasion. With the child, I translate their pure creative innocence into the light of the canvas. It's very much like a creative dream board. Only longer lived, more powerful & quite magical. Want to surpise your Beloved? Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding these special commissioned pieces.

Fine quality giclees are available in the size you want. Hand-touched by Artist to add brushstrokes as an option. Please contact Jacqueline Coburn through for details
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