LED Puck Light and Downlight Kits

Plug-and-Play LED Puck and Downlight Kits from EnvironmentalLights.com are an easy-to-use and affordable solution for brightening up functional work areas, retail displays, kitchen counters, closets or tight spaces.

These plug-and-play kits make it easy for anyone to quickly install quality LED lighting in their home or business, without hiring a professional electrician. Each kit comes with the lights, power supply and splitter required for installation, making wiring and dimming simple.

A unique feature of these LED puck light and downlight kits is the high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80+. CRI is the measurement of how faithfully a light source reveals the colors of objects, ensuring truer colors and minimizing color distortion.

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LED Downlight kits feature six downlights, a UL listed 350 mA constant current power supply and splitter. EnvironmentalLights.com offers 4 downlight model types: narrow beam, wide beam, gimbal narrow beam and gimbal wide beam angle. Gimbal allows for rotation of the light direction. The narrow beam angle models feature integrated focusing lenses that produce a fixed 45 degree beam angle of light, whereas the wide angle is 120 degree. All models are available in both soft white (3,000° K) and neutral white (4,000° K).

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